Free Subscribers Telegram For Telegram [Express Delivery]

Free Subscribers Telegram For Telegram [Express Delivery]

For now, you don't need to spend money to increase your Telegram Members, because in this article you are going to learn how to increase Telegram members for free. If you remember, in the previous article on whether Telegram is a wealth-producing factory , we mentioned one of the best ways to generate income on the Internet and earn money from Telegram without any investment on the Internet and explained how you can earn high income from Telegram. Be. Now we want to professionally check and learn the basic and completely free ways and methods to increase the number of members in the popular Telegram messenger.

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If you haven't done the previous steps that I told you about in the article Is Telegram a wealth-producing factory, make sure to do them first, then come to this article!

Primary contacts are not enough for Telegram channel

It is very good to go to the audience of your phone first to start joining your group or channel, but for a professional internet business, you need more efficient ways to increase members. Let's assume that by this moment you have reached a group of about 500-1000 people by adding your friends and acquaintances, and you have put some useful content and posts on your channel, now it's time to go to Let's start attracting real members in a professional way and of course at no cost.

Exchanging groups is the best way to increase Telegram members for free

The best free method that will increase the members of your channel and will have a very powerful effect on the increase of members is to exchange supergroups or Telegram channels with each other. There are many groups and channels that are developing and recruiting members like you, and their members are almost the same as the number of members in your channel, most importantly, like you, they don't like to have to increase members at the beginning of their work. be paid and prefer to travel the path of growth for free. You can find a large number of these groups by spending a little time and start talking to their admins to interact and exchange your members.

How is the method of exchange in Telegram and how to exchange members?

In this type of member exchange, the other channel will give you an advertising banner from his channel's advertisement to put in your channel, he will do the same for you in parallel and you will give him your advertising banner. These banners usually contain advertising photos and texts, and most importantly, the link to each of your channels.

This is a good deal for goods, but contrary to what you might think, the profit of this deal is not always divided equally, but in this deal, someone will benefit more who has a more attractive advertising banner. The more attractive and user-friendly your banner is, the more contacts will definitely come to you from the opposite channel. In this type of recruitment, the only factor that has the first and last word is an attractive and audience-friendly banner, and if your banner is good, you can be sure that this method is a really good way to increase Telegram members for free.

One of the standard and common ways to increase free Telegram members is to exchange channel members with each other. The method of exchanging members can be in the form of visits or so-called View. Before I continue this part, I must make sure that you know what the concept of view is in Telegram.

What is meant by the number of views?

Whenever a Telegram post is inserted, there is an eye-like symbol in the lower right corner of the article with a number next to it. The meaning of this number is how many times this post has been seen. In addition to the number of users visiting that article, Telegram increases its number by one. So this number shows the number of views of a post.

The number of Telegram views

An important point that you should pay attention to is that if users scroll a page and pass over that post, Telegram still considers that the article has been displayed once more, so a digit adds to the previous number, so the number representing the number of views of each post does not mean that the actual number of people has seen that post, but it can also include people who passed by that post. Therefore, if the number of views increases, it means that your content has a high value from the eyes of users

How is the exchange of members done as a visit?

Now that we are familiar with the concept of views and the number of views of a post in Telegram, I want to tell you how to exchange members in this way. The method is that you and the opposite channel agree with each other at what time your ads will be inserted and after the start of the ad, the number of views or views of the banner must reach in order for the banners to be removed (removed). Let's check this with a simple example:

You and the opposite channel agree with each other on the number of 10K (10K or 10,000 views) and you hand over your banners to each other and arrange for the banners to be inserted at, for example, 21:00 and after each banner is 10K A person is allowed to remove the opponent's banner from his channel or group. It is a fairly balanced trade that has its pros and cons.

The advantage of exchanging Telegram members:

the biggest advantage of exchanging Telegram members is that your banner, regardless of its quality, is guaranteed to reach the number of views you set and then be deleted, and it will not be deleted until it reaches the desired number of views. .