What is Instagram mute?

What is Instagram mute?

You probably follow a lot of people on Instagram, but you don't like their posts or stories showing up regularly on your Instagram feed. For this purpose, instead of unfollowing the desired person's page, you can mute his page. But do you know what Instagram mute is? What is its use? How can it be applied? And... stay with SMMSTONE until the end so that we can fully introduce you to this useful feature of Instagram.

Mute in Instagram is a feature that by activating it on the account or accounts, their published content will not be displayed to you in the form of the Instagram feed page.

Previously, in order not to display the content of a page, you either had to unfollow it or block it; But now, with the help of the mute option, such actions are no longer needed. This feature was officially launched on Instagram for users in May 2018.

You fully understand the meaning of the word mute on Instagram. In the continuation of the article "what is Instagram mute", we will teach you how to activate it.

Activate Instagram's mute feature

As we said, you can mute both posts and stories of your desired page. Maybe your question is how to mute on Instagram?

To enable this feature, there are two general methods:

  • The first method:

In the Instagram feed section and where you can see the stories, click and hold on the profile picture of the account you want to mute, and two options will be displayed. The options are:

 1- Mute

 2- View Profile - view profile (account)

After you click on the Mute option, a new window will open and offer you three options:

 1- Mute Story

 2- Mute Story and Posts - Mute posts and stories

 3- Cancel

Among these 3 options, you can choose the first 2 to mute the account in question. In the first option, only the stories of the selected page will not be shown to you. In the second option, in addition to stories, posts will not appear on the feed page.

  • The second method:

Go to the desired account and page and select the three dots option from the top so that a new window will be displayed. In this section, you can view and select the Mute option.

In the recent updates of Instagram, which are available for some pages, it is not possible to mute the Instagram account with this method, and the first method must be used.

Fix mute on Instagram

In this case, you will see the profile of the muted account on your Instagram, which is lighter compared to the profile of other accounts. Hold your finger on the profile to open a new window. After the window opens, click on the Unmute option to turn the page out of mute mode. Or follow the steps below:




4- In this section, tap on muted accounts and if you have muted someone, it will be listed there and you can unmute him.