How to add a survey to a channel in Telegram

How to add a survey to a channel in Telegram

Telegram is an extremely powerful messaging service that provides many features to users. This messenger always knows the needs of users very well and knows exactly what to do so that people interact more with each other. One of the ways to interact with others is to participate in surveys. Therefore, in this article, we decided to check this Telegram feature together and share with you how to use it.

What is a survey?

Telegram has a habit of adding a series of new features and capabilities in every new version it offers and encouraging users to use this social network more than ever. The poll was sent to Telegram in two ways, and each time, it received a large amount of positive comments from the audience, which we will review below.

There are many channels and groups on Telegram that belong to businesses. These channels had no way of communication when they wanted to have a partnership with their audience. In the channels, they could only post messages and the audience could see them.

This one-way communication was boring for the customers and audience of those channels, and they only looked at it through the eyes of a store or a news channel. The opposite happened on Instagram, where the volume of participation was extremely high and users interacted with businesses.

In addition to this, if a survey was to be conducted within Telegram groups, each member had to express their opinion, and if there were a large number, this would be a bit boring. That's why Telegram decided to add the poll feature to give a new life to interactions between people.

Today, conducting a survey is one of the ways that many businesses use in their Telegram marketing strategies.

In version 5.1, Telegram officially added the poll feature. Using this feature, you can conduct a survey of two to ten options in a channel where you are an admin or in a group where you have permission to send messages. For this purpose, follow the steps below:

1- In your channel, tap on the pin icon on the bottom right.

2- Select the poll option.

3- Activate the quiz mode option and click create.