How to activate the night mode in Telegram

How to activate the night mode in Telegram

Since smartphones are with us, these devices are not sepusated from us day and night. Now that we don't change our life plan to benefit from these systems, we must mention special facilities for tools and software that we can use to better guarantee our health.

Until a long time ago, whenever I was with Telegram at night, I was faced with the problem of its high light due to its blue and white theme. Especially if your phone or tablet has a large size, this problem is even more annoying than after the new Telegram themes are available, fortunately, this service has provided an opportunity for you to use themes for this program in the morning, noon and night. Put appropriate glasses so that your eyes don't get hurt and get peace.

How to turn on night mode and day mode

Today we will give you a simple tutorial on this matter. Stay with us with SMMSTONE and do the following steps one after another.

1- Touch the three lines on the top left of the image to see the menu

2- Select the settings option from the menu

3- Find the chat settings option and enter it

4- Tap on switch to night mode option.

5- You saw that the telegram image became dark and does not bother your eyes at night. Now click on the same option again to return to day mode.