Instagram is testing the Favorites feature to change the display priority of posts

Instagram is testing the Favorites feature to change the display priority of posts

Instagram is thinking of a way to share images with a limited number of people and is testing a feature called Favorites. With Instagram Favorites, you can create a list of close people and share images and videos only with this group.

What are Instagram Favorites?

The Favorites list is a list to which the user can add trusted and close friends and people, and then share sensitive images and videos only with the people on this list.

In other words, the list of favorites makes the display of content more limited than the public and private mode. Even if someone has followed the user, he may not be in the list of close and safe people and may not see the images and videos in the Favorites list.

All tips about Instagram Favorites feature:

  • In order to distinguish between the posts published as Favorites and other posts on Instagram, we will see a green icon next to the Favorites posts.
  • A new tab for Favorites will be added to Instagram users' profiles. In this tab, the user can see all the posts that he published as Favorites.
  • The list of Favorites can be edited by the user at any moment, and in order to protect the privacy of users as much as possible, if a person is added to the list of Favorites or deleted, no message will be sent to this user.
  • Users can only recognize a person's presence in the list of Favorites when they see the person's Favorites post with the green icon indicated.
  •   It will not be possible for users to send requests to each other to be added to the Favorites list.
  • If the user is removed from the list of Favorites, he will no longer be able to see any of the posts published privately and Favorites.
  • There is no limit to adding friends to the Favorites section, but Instagram expects users not to add more than 10 to 30 people to the Favorites list.

To learn how to access and add people to this list, see the following steps:





It goes without saying that the possibility of sharing images only to friends that you have previously specified has also been experienced in other social networks, but this feature has not been able to have a satisfactory performance for the user so far, so we have to see what the feedback is about adding Favorites on Instagram. will follow.