How to block people for commenting on a post

How to block people for commenting on a post

Comment management or commenting on Instagram is an important and significant issue due to privacy protection and the growth of users of this program, in the last few updates, Instagram introduced features such as filtering the words of comments and closing comments, in the latest update of this The program to limit and block people who can comment under your post will be introduced, stay with SMMSTONE.

How to block some people from commenting on an Instagram post

Thanks to the new Instagram update, you can specify who can comment on Instagram profile posts and block some of them in a list of commenting possibilities. Follow the steps below to disable comments for specific people.





In the block comments for section, you can permanently block one person or several people from commenting on your Instagram posts. The difference between this feature and general blocking is that these people will see all your posts, but the only option is to leave comments for them. It will be disabled and hidden.