What is the feature of Accounts Center?

What is the feature of Accounts Center?

Facebook introduced its new feature called Accounts Center. This feature allows users to publish a post on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. In addition, Instagram Direct has been integrated with Facebook Messenger, and the new Instagram update now makes Facebook Messenger available through Direct so that users from one platform can message their friends on another platform.

Maybe it has happened to you that you want to publish a post on two platforms at the same time. With the addition of this feature in the future update of Instagram and Facebook, control between the two platforms is no longer just an immature idea and a dream, and Facebook will make this dream come true by creating a bridge between its two platforms called Accounts Center.

According to Facebook, the Accounts Center feature will allow users to manage any application owned by Facebook. Therefore, with this feature, you can control all the details related to Facebook Messenger and other applications covered by Facebook from a central part. In addition to the possibility of publishing cross-platform posts and stories through this feature, it will also be possible to pay with the payment information used on another platform, thus, if you shop online on the Facebook platform and enter online payment information, you do not need to shop on Instagram. Re-enter the payment information: Of course, the payment feature as promised by Facebook will be rolled out by the end of the year with the addition of Facebook Pay and only in the United States. Another positive point of this facility is to facilitate the recovery of forgotten user accounts.

Of course, Facebook pointed out that by activating the Accounts Center feature, the user will still be able to use two separate identities on the platforms covered by Facebook and have different usernames and profile pictures for each user account. It should be noted that this feature is not yet publicly available to users and is in the final stages of testing.

Another feature of Accounts Center is that users can use a password and username to log in to their Facebook and Instagram accounts by turning on Single Sign On.

How to reach the account center?

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