How to make a picture matte in Telegram

How to make a picture matte in Telegram

In the new version of Telegram, this feature is available to users so that they can publish images using spoilers, which helps blur your images and won't be displayed until the user wants. In the rest of this article, I am going to point out how to send blurred images in Telegram or send images with spoilers in Telegram. So if you are not familiar with this interesting feature, stay with SMMSTONE until the end of this article.

In the latest update released at the end of 2022, Telegram added various features to its program, one of the most important of which is the ability to send images with spoilers. In fact, now you can send images in Telegram with a blurred mode, which will not be displayed until the user wants. This was a possibility that existed in the past for text in Telegram, but now it is considered very practical for sending media in Telegram.

How to send images with spoilers in Telegram

In the past, when you sent an image to someone, this image was shown to the person as a blurry image before downloading, or the same preview, which, of course, did not reveal much, and only the general image conveys something to us. After downloading, the image will be displayed to the person.

But now, thanks to the spoiler feature, you can send images that are completely blurry and nothing is known about them, and when the person downloads it, they can choose to show it to them or not!

Sending blurry images on mobile

To be able to use this feature, you must use the latest version of Telegram. For this reason, be sure to enter Google Play first and update the Telegram program to the latest version so that this feature is activated.

1- Open Telegram and enter the chat where you want to send media with spoilers.

2- Click on the pin icon at the bottom and select the gallery option.

3- Select the image you want to send with this feature and click on the three dots above and click on the hide with spoiler option.

4- Then send the file. You just sent a file with a spoiler in Telegram.