What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

In this session we will explain about (SMM Panel) or social media marketing . Increasing the volume of contacts, increasing traffic, improving SEO, branding and easy communication with the audience are some of the benefits of being on social media.

After defining the goal, creating a profile on social media , planning a strategy, producing appropriate content and attracting the audience, which are all stages of presence in social networks, you can start marketing in these networks. The presence and marketing stages are not separate from each other and affect each other. In the following, we will explain the steps, advantages and disadvantages of SMM, effective KPIs, methods and tools of SMM.

What is Social Media Marketing or SMM?

Which stands for Social Media Marketing [SMM] , which means social media marketing is a method of marketing is digital. With the right marketing on these networks, you can attract a large audience and grow your business. Given the activity of a large part of the community on social platforms such as Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and… presence and marketing on social media, it will be useful for almost any business; But you have to keep in mind that SMM is not a direct sales channel and is just a tool to help you sell more, it does not actually sell directly and it takes time; Therefore, before using this method, you should review your goals and needs and then make a decision.

Do you need social media marketing or SMM?

The cost of social media marketing is higher than other digital marketing methods; So first you need to find out if you really need an SMM. Despite the large number of audiences on various social networks, not all businesses benefit from social media marketing , but they are successful in their business. You need to define your SMM expectation for your business first and then use it. In general, the following businesses need an SMM strategy:

  • Famous brands

  •  Products related to sports, health and beauty

  •  Products related to children

  •  Luxury goods

  •  Large online stores and those who want to invest a lot in advertising.

Prerequisites for implementing SMM

Once you know that you definitely need the SMM method, you should make sure that you can use this method as well. To do this, you need to consider the three factors of website, budget and analytics. Analytics means having an analytical tool to monitor the results of campaigns , and here are the other two:

Advertising in the space of reputable websites in Media

It is obvious that SMM increases the website traffic by directing users to the website, and this website must be ready to meet the needs of the audience and actually turn the traffic into a buyer. For this purpose, there is a way of communication on the website, customers can easily buy, check prices, order or call. If you do not have such features on your website, you should redesign your website to be customer friendly before paying for SMM.

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The amount of budget required to participate in social networks

Before implementing SMM or social media marketing , you need to determine the amount of budget you have set aside for this. Keep in mind that being on social media and abruptly leaving it is unprofessional and will damage your reputation. In the first few months, your audience will only engage with your media, and you can't expect much profit from the start. The question that arises is how much do you spend to make SMM work well for you? The answer to this question is different for each business, but it is generally recommended that you spend 25% of your total advertising and SEO spending on SMM.

Social Media marketing

7 stages of presence and marketing

In the following, we will explain the steps of performing SMM. The first four steps are to be present in social networks and the last three steps are to implement marketing in these networks. You have to keep in mind that all these steps are interdependent. However, some businesses may not be present on social media, but they do want to advertise on those networks.

For example, the owner of a clothing brand may not have an Instagram account, but due to the high volume of users of this social platform, he intends to advertise and display his business on Instagram , thereby directing Instagram users to visit his website. Increase your website traffic. Or a game developer may not need a telegram channel for his users, but to use the game to promote the game, attract more audiences, and gain more installation through telegram advertising, which is very popular with. The stages of presence and marketing in social networks can be summarized as follows:

As someone who wants your business to thrive on Telegram, you are looking to buy a real member for your channel. The best way to attract a real member that the user voluntarily joins the Telegram channel. Therefore, the percentage of loss is lower than the forced ed method. In this article, we want to talk about the benefits of the pop up method with the forced ed method and push notification. If you are new and start a small business in Telegram, we recommend that you read this article to get you on the right track.

Why should we choose to buy Telegram member?

In this method, your Telegram channel advertisement will be opened on the user's device without any user intervention. (When the user is using their mobile ear.) And Join's offer is presented to him in the channel. If the user agrees to join the channel, he enters the channel directly and sees the last posts of the channel. In this way, the last posts will also get a high view. So before doing this, try to make the last posts of the channel the best content to keep the audience in the channel. Since in the method of attracting pop-up members, users voluntarily become members of your Telegram channel, membership loss is minimized.

How to use pop-ups to increase Telegram members

All of you have probably encountered small windows when entering various sites while browsing the Internet. These windows are displayed immediately after you enter the sites and usually have advertising content. Are called pop-ups.

Pop-ups can contain all kinds of advertising links and users can click on them to enter the advertised pages. This method can be used in addition to advertising sites and their products, to promote a Telegram channel and increase Telegram members. Using this method is very simple, just register on the Sayan panel site. After registering, order the number of mobile pop-ups you want and wait for your members to enter your channel from all over the country.

⦁ What points to pay attention to in increasing the pop-up member?

In fact, when people are working with their phone, Telegram shows them your channel and they become members if they wish. You buy the number of your favorite members from different sales packages according to the amount of costs. And then the seller will take action. This method is only applicable to unofficial versions of Telegram such as Mobogram and Telegram و در At the time of attracting a member, the posting of the channel must be stopped. Once you get the number of members you want, your channel traffic will increase. The viewer may get bored of your channel content and leave it. Members recruited in this way may have a drop, but if useful and regular content is placed on your page, it will be highly appreciated.

best Top Panels For Telegram

The difference between pop-ups and push notifications

In the pop-up method, with the permission given to the user's installed applications, the Telegram channel is returned directly to the user's device.

But in the notification push, first the text or banner notification is displayed in the notifications section and then if the user clicks on the notification, it enters the relevant channel.

As a result, pop-up performance will be higher than notification push.

In the direct pop-up method of Telegram, there is no need for text and image of advertising and only the link link and channel ID are needed.

Advantages of buying a pop-up Telegram member

The most important advantage of this method is its higher productivity compared to other advertising methods to increase Telegram membership. In the following, we will become more familiar with the benefits of increasing the Telegram member through the pop-up method.

Increase real member

The people who become members of your channel are completely real and have entered your channel of their own free will. If your channel is related to your business and the channel members are actually your potential customers, their authenticity is very important.

In this way, only real users and people who enter a site and have a real account in Telegram can enter your channel. While in many other advertising methods a large number of new members added are fake or unreal. This issue is very valuable in advertising strategies

High speed increase of Telegram member

There are a lot of daily visits to a reputable site. On the other hand, one can be sure that unlike advertisements on Telegram or Instagram channels, a very large percentage of daily visits to a site are related to real users. In this way, when you are using pop-ups, you have made ads related to increasing your Telegram membership available to a large number of people. In this way, you can reach the desired number of real new members in a short time. This means a high rate of increase in real telegram members through pop-ups.

When you purchase pop-up ads from a reputable site, your ads will be displayed at each visit to your site until the user closes the pop-up. In this way, all site visitors will surely see the advertisement related to increasing your Telegram membership. While in other advertising methods, people may simply pass your ad. This will increase the efficiency of your ad.

Low percentage of channel members drop

Usually after the pop-up member increases, a percentage of new users will drop. In some cases, even more than 70% of new users leave the channel. The type of advertising and audience attraction strategies will be effective in this regard. But in general, due to the type of increase in membership in pop-up ads, its drop percentage is usually less than 40%. The important thing is that people can voluntarily leave your channel and there is no obligation in this regard. So if the content of your channel is what you advertise and the content of the channel is useful and practical, the probability of users dropping will be less than 20%.

Increase views of channel posts

Since the audience enters your channel directly, the last posts will be viewed much more than the other posts. It is the best type of membership for store channels. Store channels only need to be visited in large volumes and the audience is encouraged to buy by viewing the products. So graphically spend enough time presenting your products.

Depending on the goals of your business, choose the platform you want and become a member of it and open an account for your business. Before planning and implementing the strategy, first pay attention to the following points:

What is the purpose of being on social media?

What is required to join a social network?

Are your social networks optimized in terms of content, image, design, URL and؟?

Which network is right for you right now?

How is your profile compared to competitors' profiles?

2- Determining the ideal customer

Target audience

In this case, the more accurately you describe the end customer, the better. For example, if your target audience is parents living in Tehran, it is a good goal, but if you can include more details such as age and income level as your selection criteria, it will help your business. If you choose the wrong target audience, marketing will fail. To make the right choice, first check the following criteria for people:



 job title


 Most used social networks

3- Specifying the position in the social network

After creating an account on social networks , you should establish your presence in these networks in a way that indicates your intention of this presence and reflects your brand. To do this, consider your ideal customers. This strategy will fail if the purpose of appearing on social networks and publishing public posts is not specified randomly and aimlessly; Because people are always looking for people who specialize in a field, not people who work in public.

Read the Digital Marketing Glossary (A to Z) at Tepsel College.

4- Creating and adjusting engaging content

Social media marketing content

Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it's time to start a project. Having information such as ideal customers and the purpose of their presence for these customers, creating relevant content seems easy.

Content types on social networks



 Blog posts

 Company News


 Books or eBooks


Social Media

Content comes in many forms, but you need to use content that aligns with your target customers' ideal goals and skills. Considering quality, engaging and relevant content should be a priority. In order to determine the time, frequency and topics of posting each content, it is recommended that you create and follow a content calendar. Always prioritize the quality of the content over the quantity.

Determining Key Success Indicators ( KPIs )

In order to realize the success of your presence, you need to define and measure factors. In addition to the success of the strategy , the impact of time and money spent on the strategy must also be measured. Some of the indicators that should be measured include the following:

Exchange rate

 Time spent on web pages

 (mention), mentioning the brand name

 Total number of shares

 number of visits

6- Investing in social media management tools

Most marketers use social media management tools to increase their profits . The use of these tools facilitates the use of these networks. One of the advantages of these tools is the possibility of scheduling the publication of posts. For proper performance, align your management tool with the content calendar you created in the previous step.

7- Following, analysis, optimization

Social Network Marketing Analytics

It can be said that this stage is the most important role in the success of businesses on social media . However, many marketers use trial and error, which may not always be accurate; But tracking the results, parsing and analyzing the data obtained, and making changes to optimize the results are the best possible solutions.

Keep in mind that social media marketing is not a constant and is constantly changing, and you need to keep up with these changes; So, create a strategy and continuously optimize it over time and get more information about your business and audience to get the best results.

Marketing methods in any social media

To implement SMM, you must first choose the platform you want based on your business goals, social media marketing goals, budget and target customers. As a result, you need to do some research before choosing the right platform. For example, you need to know on which platforms your target audience often operates. Here are some of the platforms used by businesses and how to use them for advertising:

Telegram Marketing

One of the most widely used and popular media used by to chat and share various types of content such as text, photos, video, gif and.. In addition to these applications, this platform can be used for marketing, product sales and monetization. More than 10 billion messages are exchanged daily in Telegram. Extensive facilities provided by Telegram to users make this application popular and increase its users day by day. Given the statistics of over 500 million users in Telegram, the best opportunity is provided for business owners and marketers to reach their target audience in the fastest and easiest way and earn money.

All these statistics show the high importance of Telegram for marketing . Due to the presence of different classes and ages of users in Telegram , advertising on this platform will be profitable for any type of business. Content marketing is very important for successful telegram marketing . The methods used for telegram marketing include the following:

Create a telegram channel

Telegram channels are a great place to promote your products and services. Channels have no limit on the number of members. It is possible to place multiple admins for one channel, which increases speed. Telegram also provides the ability to count the number of views of each post you publish, and this way you can find out the number of views of your posts, which helps a lot in analyzing the results.

Telegram Marketing

Advertising on popular channels

Creating a banner with relevant content and distributing it in popular groups and channels is one way to attract an audience . Advertising slogan and banner content should be short, attractive and representative of your business. This banner must contain the CTA button. This button can be a Telegram channel link, website address, Instagram address or anything else. Usually, if the number of members of a channel is more than 20,000, the ads on them will get good feedback. Of course, focusing on the audience is always more important than the number of members. If your product is a cooking utensil, it makes no sense to advertise it on a popular game news channel, but if a channel with fewer members is involved in promoting the recipe, advertising on it can further your SMM goals.

Advertising on introduction channels

Some telegram channels are for introduction and most people become members of these channels to find the channels they are looking for. This method is a good way to introduce yourself to others at the beginning of the Telegram channel. These channels receive a lot of money for displaying advertising posts for a long time as the last post.

Link Exchange

To increase the number of members of your Telegram channel , you can sign a contract with the admins of other channels to place each other's banner ads on your channel for a certain period of time. The channels you choose to do this should be relevant to your business. For example, it is unwise to place a banner on a culinary advertisement.

Advertising on the website

If you have an active website that has a large number of visitors, in the introduction section of the website, be sure to put your Telegram channel address and encourage the user to join the channel by providing new information. If you are at the stage where your SMM goal is to increase the number of Telegram channel members, this method will be very suitable.

e-mail marketing

If you use email marketing in your business, be sure to introduce your telegram address to your list subscribers. For more on the relationship between email marketing and SMM, see this session from the College Email Marketing Block .

Ads on other social pages

If your business has other social pages such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. that have a large audience, by invoicing your telegram address, invite the same audience to your channel and present different content than other social pages in your channel. Due to the popularity of Instagram among, be sure to put your Telegram channel address in the introduction (Bio) section.

Channel address in all posts

Since your channel content and photos may be shared by many people, you should include your telegram address in all posts. This way, many people will get to know your channel.

According to the college's annual survey, in 1996 Telegram was the most widely used and least effective tool for attracting new users to applications. See the results of this survey of developers in 1996  .

With 200 million daily active users and 700 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. No one likes to see ads on social media. These ads must reach the audience indirectly. If the existing facilities are used properly, Instagram can provide a suitable platform for displaying products and advertisements to the target audience with the mentioned conditions. Creating quality ads and using sales techniques will easily enable you to sell your products through Instagram. Advertising methods on Instagram include the following.

instagram Marketing

1: Free Instagram features

Instagram profile

After creating an account on Instagram , enter your website address, business email address, and geographic location in the profile biography section so that your audience can easily access your website as well. Use appropriate images and captions for your profile so that they can be easily identified by users. Provide appropriate descriptions in your profile section that clearly represent your business. Also, Instagram has recently added the possibility of placing contacts for business accounts, through which the audience will be in direct contact with you. Other features of the business profile include statistical reports provided by Instagram itself. In these reports, the number of posts viewed, the number of likes, the amount of activity of the audience at different hours of the day and different days of the week, the demographics of the audience and… are visible.

Instagram posts

Put attractive images and videos on your page and thus attract users. As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. The power of images in online shopping is huge, so use creative ideas and indirect advertising to promote your products. Also pay attention to the size of your images. Use proper filters and edits. Although images play an important role in attracting users, descriptions of images should also be able to encourage users. Note that posts should not be long. Use a blog or Facebook for a long description.

Respond to Instagram comments

When users comment on your post, they expect you to reply to them as soon as possible. Proper responsiveness builds customer trust and satisfaction and builds better relationships between you and your customers.

Instagram story

Also use Instagram's new feature, Story. For example, put a day of your business in the form of 15-second photos or videos in Story, or show how to use your products. This will make your audience more familiar with your business. Story is a more powerful platform for daily communication with your audience, as Instagram uses special algorithms to display posts to its audience, and many of them may not view your posts at the top of their page.

Instagram hashtags

Use #hashtags to increase the number of your followers on Instagram . Many people use Instagram hashtags to find the photo they want; So you should put the hashtags that are most used for search in your posts. If you feel that the hashtags you write in the caption make the caption longer, you can write the hashtags in the comments.

Instagram contests

Budget for an Instagram contest. For example, ask your audience to tag 3 of their friends under a particular post and draw lots of people who did. In this way, in addition to attracting new contacts, you also force your previous customers to take action. Also, take advantage of special offers such as discounts to encourage customers to buy.

2: Instagram Sponsorship or Sponsored Ads

The ability to put product photo links to the website page is a new feature that Instagram has released in its new updates and allows advertisers to purchase this feature. A limited number of brands take advantage of this feature. If you need help to run an advertising campaign on Instagram , Tepsel, with its experience in running advertising campaigns for big brands like, can help you with this. All you have to do is call Tepsel and discuss your SMM needs to use the advice of its experts.

3: Use of influencers


People who have a lot of followers on Instagram are called influencers . It is noteworthy that the advertisements made by these people are more popular and are not as annoying as other methods of advertising. These posts are often published in a creative and sometimes humorous way. The way to do this is by paying these people, they will place an advertising post of your business on their Instagram and mention your Instagram address in their post or tag in the photo. Of course, the methods of using this popular solution in the market today are not limited to this brief explanation.

6 ways to use influencers in social networks

Twitter social network

The main reason for using Twitter is its ability to spread posts quickly and quickly. The more users who share your posts and retweet your content, the more followers you will get. One way to increase followers is to offer special offers and discounts in exchange for retweeting. Hashtags play a very important role in the visibility of posts, so try to use appropriate and up-to-date hashtags for your posts.

Almost all individuals and companies should use this platform to start a business, attract and connect with customers. Relevance, personalization, and brevity are some of the things you need to consider when posting. The frequency of publication can be several posts per day. Using Buffer will help you manage this platform. (In the continuation of this session, we will introduce this tool.) Twitter, like Instagram, allows you to provide important statistics about each post, just enable the use of analytics in your account settings.

LinkedIn social network

Marketing on LinkedIn

If your business is B2B, this platform will be very useful for you. The easiest way to connect with industry professionals is through LinkedIn . This platform allows you to target ads based on job title, industry type, and more. Advertising on LinkedIn can be run in two main categories. You can use banner ads or, like Instagram, display the ads as a content post in the user's feed. Although the price of advertising on this network is a bit high for businesses (starting from $ 2), the precise targeting of this platform for audience selection is tempting for any B2B business.

We suggest you read the LinkedIn marketing post at Tepsel College

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is not a place to sell products directly, but a good place to introduce and promote content. For example, if your job is to sell cosmetics, instead of posting photos of products and contact numbers on LinkedIn, it is better to introduce and compare the quality and price of products. At LinkedIn, you need to step out of the market and position yourself as an expert.

Businesses, employees and job seekers should use this platform to publish posts such as job postings, company descriptions and job search. About the frequency of posting on LinkedIn, 2 to 4 times a week is a good figure. Like Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn will provide you with statistics from each post. This platform is more accurate than the other two platforms, and its demographic information about the audience that interacted with each post will give you accurate insight into attendance management and SMM.

Best Panel for Facebook Marketing

Facebook, the world's largest social platform

Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social platform with 1.59 billion users. This medium will be a great environment to connect with potential customers around the world and, as a result, promote your business. Also, the use and management of this platform is very simple. The types of ads that every business needs are done on Facebook. This platform can be used by all classes and ages of people with any title and is very diverse in terms of content. The appropriate frequency for posting on Facebook is once or twice a day.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If you're trying to grow your business, social media will help you a lot. There are many benefits to using this method, some of which are listed below:

1- Large audience

One of the main advantages of SMM is access to a large audience. Traditional marketing, like TV commercials, is only for regular TV viewers, while SMM has the ability to reach an unlimited and wide range of audiences around the world. The most important reason 92% of marketers use social media marketing to promote their brand and business is the large audience of this method. Facebook alone has 1.59 billion users. In addition to Facebook, Twitter has 313 million monthly active users, and Instagram has 200 million daily users. Creating an account on at least two popular platforms will make your business visible to millions.

Currently, 89% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 are active on social media . As a result, if you target your products and services for this age group, you will get a great marketing result. It also extends beyond your target audience, as friends and acquaintances of the audience can also help your business through social media.

2- Better communication with customers

One of the problems for businesses to use traditional marketing methods is to establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers. The SMM method is based on social interaction and in the long run builds trust between customers and businesses. The more you interact with customers, the better the relationship will be between you and ultimately the more profit you will make.

3- Ability to share

It can be said that the most unique feature of social networks is the ability to get help from social network users themselves. Unlike other digital marketing methods such as website SEO and paid advertising, social media content is usually shared.

4- Increasing customer loyalty

The better you interact with your target customers and audience on social media, the more your online credibility and customer loyalty to your brand will increase. Personal communication and interaction with the target audience means caring for them, which leads to building more trust and loyalty in them. According to a study by THE SOCIAL HABIT, 53% of Americans who follow a brand on social media are more likely to buy from that brand and are more loyal to it.

5. Using the customer perspective

To gain valuable information about your customers, you can use social networks that help you make smart decisions. For example, knowing the opinions, suggestions and criticisms of people on social networks will help you improve your products and services.

6- Matched and user-friendly advertisements

Most social media ads are not as annoying as other advertising methods due to their creativity and attractive use of cyberspace, and if used properly on social platforms, users will be attracted to ads and become your customers. One of the most important ways to display ads on social networks is to display content in the user's feed, which despite annoying banner ads on websites, this method does not annoy the audience.

Disadvantages of social media marketing

The biggest disadvantage of the social media marketing method may be its high implementation costs, but in addition to this problem, like any other method, using the SMM method also has disadvantages and risks that greatly affect your business:

1- Being time consuming

According to reports, 64% of digital marketers spend at least six hours a day marketing on social media. The time it takes to succeed in this approach is problematic for many start-ups and senior executives at big brands. If you have a small team and do not devote a full time force to digital marketing, you will have trouble implementing this method. Also, if you have limited financial resources and can not support a long-term strategy for social media marketing , you will have little chance of success. In addition, if you make a mistake in SMM, all the efforts made in this way will not lead to the desired result and all the time spent will be wasted.

2- Negative effects

One of the problems of social media is that different sections of society attract even negative and destructive people. For example, sometimes negative comments about your products and services are not true and are only meant to ruin your brand but create negative feedback from your other audience.

3- The difficulty of accurately measuring ROI

Recent studies have shown that 89% of marketers are trying to understand the true ROI of social media marketing. Only 37% of them have succeeded in measuring ROI, 35% of them are not sure of the accuracy of the obtained number and 28% of them do not know how to measure ROI from marketing through social networks.

KPI Key Performance Indicator

Social network marketing metrics

There are many key indicators that marketers in the field of social media should pay attention to and improve their performance in these networks by measuring and analyzing the results. The KPIs described below are important for social media marketing and should be monitored. To find out how your business is doing on social media, consider the following criteria:

Number of Instagram followers

The measurement of the number of followers on Instagram and Twitter and fans on Facebook and members of the Telegram channel is easily done. The more people you have, the more exposure you will have and the more likely your business will be to succeed.

Unique audience engagement or Reach

Through complex calculations based on the number of followers, shares and the maximum number of people who can see your posts can be measured, which indicates the amount of Reach. On Instagram, this number indicates the number of unique users who have encountered your post.

Number of views or Impression

Indicates the number of times a post is displayed. If a duplicate user encounters a post several times, that number increases and includes duplicate counts for users.

Video views

Using the new features of Instagram, Telegram, YouTube and پل platforms, measuring this number is very simple and anyone can get this number. The more videos you watch, the more attention your audience gets to your post.

Number of shares in cyberspace

Sharing the content of your page by the audience, which increases brand awareness and increases customer interaction. This number is very important for Instagram, Telegram and Facebook. This is announced on Twitter with the phrase Retweet.

Number of clicks on the ad

The higher the number, the higher the quality of the title, image and advertising content for a link on social media.

Number of likes and comments

The number of likes and comments of users is one of the best ways to find out the interests of the audience.

The number of tags or  Mention  of

The process of tagging another person's account on social media is called Mentioning. By getting this number, you realize how inclusive your business is. This metric is important on Facebook and Instagram.

Website traffic

The amount of traffic directed from social networks to the website, which indicates the effectiveness of your social networks.

Profile views

Measuring the number of visitors to a profile shows how much users are paying attention to you. Of course, not all platforms have this feature.

The rate of conversion ( Conversion Rate ) What?

The percentage of people who, after clicking on the CTA and navigating to the website, perform the action you want, such as online shopping, newsletter subscription, book download, or any other action, and actually become a customer, is expressed in conversion rates. This rate is important for all platforms and will be the ultimate success indicator for social media marketing .

Cost Per Lead Concept

The amount of money spent to guide each person on social media is called CPL

Sale Revenue

The total sales of a business using social networks is a number that can not be easily obtained.

Customer Lifetime value

Predictability is the amount of value a business derives from all of its social relationships with each customer.

Social media management tools

Social media marketing management

Social media services

As mentioned, these tools help social media marketers connect with their audience in creative ways, as well as review the results of their efforts. Here are some of these tools:

Iconosquare : Using this tool, you can easily manage your Instagram and analyze the data, and optimize your Instagram using the results obtained. One of the most important benefits of this tool is providing interesting information about the activity statistics of your competitors on Instagram . Use of this tool is free for 14 days.

Buffer : This tool was launched in 2015 and in a short time it became one of the free tools suitable for managing social networks. Using this tool is very simple and so-called user-friendly so that anyone can use it without special skills. With this tool, you can share the desired content on several social networks through a central dashboard. This tool is recommended for managing Twitter and LinkedIn. Getting started with this tool is free and you can visit its website for more information on tariffs.

Hootsuite : This tool is the most famous and simplest tool in the field of social network management, through which you can post the same content on several social networks simultaneously at the lowest cost. This tool has attracted the attention of marketers due to its strong analysis and reporting system.

Join us in the next session of this learning block to learn about another method in digital marketing and become more professional in this direction. Read the next session of this block, which is about in-app ads .