How to remove a sticker from Telegram

How to remove a sticker from Telegram

Telegram is a new communication messenger that is added to its features every day. One of the features of Telegram is sending and receiving stickers from friends and acquaintances. These stickers are very beautiful images and users can use them on all phone operating systems. Stickers are actually thumbnails that can contain text. Previously, we taught how to add stickers to Telegram. But in this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to remove the sticker in Telegram.

If, after adding a set of stickers to your Telegram account, you want to remove it from the list of usable stickers, you will be able to do this easily with the following steps.

How to remove a sticker in Telegram

To remove a sticker in Telegram, you must first enter the settings related to stickers in Telegram. There are two ways to enter the sticker settings section. Either you can enter the sticker settings through Settings then Stickers or you can go to a chat page and then open the sticker selection section to send and go to the section of your latest sticker packages. There is also an option to enter the sticker settings section, which we explain the second method in the image below.

1- Open the sticker sending section on the chat page and click on the lower right gear as shown in the image.

2- In the My stickers sets section, in front of the pack you want to delete, select the three vertical dots.

3- Select the remove option to delete your sticker.