Why and how to story the post

Why and how to story the post

If you use Instagram, you've definitely noticed that users sometimes share a post on their Instagram story, but you don't know how this process works! If users don't want to download the post and post a story for any reason, they can make it a story without downloading.

Why do they make posts into stories?

This can have many different reasons. As we said, some people may not want to download a video in order to share it. People who own work pages can get more likes and comments using this feature. For example, you may have seen that some pages make a story of their post immediately after posting. This will cause that if some users do not see the desired post for any reason, they will notice the new post through the story.

The method of sharing a post in the story is not difficult at all and is done in a few seconds. If you're scrolling through Instagram Explorer and suddenly see a post that catches your eye, then you decide to share it to your story. To do this, just do the following steps:




Instagram has many features and all its options are attractive. But more important than knowing the tools is how to use these tools. So be careful, for example, to post in the story, do not post irrelevant content. Story content that you are sure will get feedback from followers.