Ability to save Instagram live video

Ability to save Instagram live video

In the latest update for its popular application, Instagram will add the ability to save live video to its popular application. So now you can save Instagram live video in phone memory after sending a live video. Stay with SMMSTONE.

Instagram recently unveiled the ability to send live videos or live videos in Instagram Stories. By virtue of this feature, Instagram users can create a video or live broadcast using their phone's camera whenever they want, and other Instagram users can view it instantly. Therefore, as the name of this feature (live video) is clear, saved and previous videos are not shared through it, but the image sent is completely live and instant.

How to save Instagram live video?

You don't need to do any special or complicated steps in order to save Instagram live video. Instagram provides you with this feature in the simplest and best possible way. Just follow the steps below:





As you can see, in this article, we talked about the ability to save Instagram live video (Live Video). This feature is going to be added to Instagram soon, and the developer team of this popular application mentioned that saving live videos is only a small part of the changes and improvements that will be added to the live video feature on Instagram this year.