Instagram story archive

Instagram story archive

According to the statistics, the most popular and progressed on Instagram is related to Story and Live.

Many people use Instagram stories every day. Some people use this feature for fun and others for business.

But as you know, Instagram stories can only be displayed for 24 hours. After this period, they will be deleted and can no longer be displayed to your audience.

Story Archive (Story Reminder) Instagram allows you to review your memories. In fact, remember your old stories.

In addition, you can share them again if you wish. The good feature of this feature is that you can see the history of every story you have uploaded.

Using the Instagram story archive

Most of the old generation remember that every house had an old photo album. Photos that were taken with cameras or in house photographers.

We used to keep people in a certain position in our photo frame. Without time affecting them. Childhood photos, weddings and any other interesting events that might happen.

The age of technology has turned every mobile phone into a camera.

Instagram is also a photo album where you can keep your photos forever by creating a page.

But photos can be posted and kept. What will happen to the stories? It depends on you.

You can choose to archive your stories, even those that are deleted within 24 hours, and remind them later.

How to enable Instagram story reminders

As you know, stories are deleted after 24 hours.

But maybe one story or all of them are important to you. After targeting them, you can tell the Instagram platform to archive them for future reminders.

To activate your Instagram story archive, you must go through these steps:





Now you have an attractive album of your old photos and stories. You can go through them for hours and remember the good memories you have had on Instagram. You can even repost or story them.