How to suggest profile pictures to your Telegram contacts

How to suggest profile pictures to your Telegram contacts

Have you ever looked at your contacts profile picture and wondered if they used a different picture? A new Telegram feature may be just what you need to help you communicate. In its latest update in 2022, Telegram introduced a feature that allows users to suggest profile pictures for their contacts.

When your contacts receive image suggestions, it only takes a few clicks to add the photo to their profile. Setting a specific photo for your contacts can be very important for visually distinguishing contacts, especially when several of them have the same or similar names. Here's how to suggest a profile photo to your audience.

How to suggest a profile picture for a Telegram contact

Maybe your target doesn't like other people to know him in the social network and uses fake name and photo. In this case, it will be difficult to identify him in social networks such as Telegram. To solve this problem, Telegram allows you to change the photo of the contact to make it easier for you to recognize it. Telegram allows its users to change the profile picture of their audience. Adding a profile picture makes it easier to recognize your friends and contacts. When you chat with someone on Telegram, you can see their profile picture in the header of the conversation. If you want to customize the way your profile picture is displayed for your friends, you can upload a picture specific to them. To suggest photos to your friends or family members, you can use the following steps:

1- Go to your contact's profile and tap on your contact's name.

2- Tap on the three dots icon in the right corner.

3- Select the Edit contact option.

4- Choose the suggest photo for your contact option, choose a photo from your gallery and that's it