Top 7 tricks to increase Instagram Reel

Top 7 tricks to increase Instagram Reel

One of the biggest benefits of posting Instagram Reels for influencers and brands is that Reels are shown to people who don't follow you. The rails that users see are based on the algorithm's calculation of user accounts that Instagram thinks the user might like. So, if you follow or interact with a lot of fashion influencers, Instagram will show you Reels of fashion influencers and brands that you don't currently follow.
The more a user engages with content on Rails (liking, commenting or sharing), the more the Instagram algorithm knows about the user, and these interactions influence the type of content displayed. Additionally, short videos in Compared to long videos, they have more views on Instagram.

Also, using Instagram Rails you can:

  • Add your voice to videos.
  • Take the original audio from other videos and add it to your video.
  • Create reactive videos to other users' content.

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Common ways to increase Instagram traffic

As you can see, Instagram Rails is a very good tool to be seen more and more, to be known and increase brand awareness, increase followers, increase interaction with users and increase your sales.
Therefore, it is better to learn important practical tips so that you can make the most of this wonderful tool. Things you can do on Instagram Rails to grow your business include:
Tell us about your business and brand
Create educational content with your product or service
Notify users of your special offers and discounts
Turn the most interesting old stories into rails
Share customer comments and feedback with a Rails
Tag your products or services on your Instagram rails
After doing all this, your trump card is to get more traffic. You're smart enough to know that if your Reels go viral and become featured content in Instagram's Explore section, you'll see a significant explosion in your business performance. Therefore, apply the following 6 tips to make your Instagram Reels more visible:

1. Using a timer to increase Rails visits
Set the timer to allow a few seconds to get ready before the video starts. Also, recording video when the phone is not in your hand will add more interest to your video.

2. Play the video at speed.
You can produce at double speed to double the excitement in movies and speed 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x.

3. Use trending music to increase the number of Reels visits.
The Instagram algorithm likes the videos in which hot and popular music is used more and suggests them to the users and shows them in the Instagram feed.

4. Benefit from the cooperation of others.
Collaborate with others and participate in trends using the Remix feature. If a video is remixed using the Rails Remix feature, the original video will be displayed on the left side of the screen and the new Rails video will be displayed on the right side of the screen. By doing this, you will allow others to create their own remixes on your created videos. As a result, you will have a better chance for your video to go viral.

5. Engage with your audience to increase Instagram traffic.
Engaging with more users and creating high interaction in the first hours of video release will make Instagram show your video to more people and increase the number of visits to your Instagram rails.

6. Don't forget to use different creative tools.
Use different creative tools to create unique content for your brand. Make the first few seconds of your reels attractive by filtering, adding effects or adding text to attract users' attention and encourage them to watch your video.