Best VKontakte [] Reseller panel

Best VKontakte [] Reseller panel

As someone who wants your business to thrive on Telegram, you are looking to buy a real member for your channel. The best way to attract a real member that the user voluntarily joins the Telegram channel. Therefore, the percentage of loss is lower than the forced ed method. In this article, we want to talk about the benefits of the pop up method with the forced ed method and push notification. If you are new and start a small business in Telegram, we recommend that you read this article to get you on the right track.

Why should we choose to buy Telegram member?

In this method, your Telegram channel advertisement will be opened on the user's device without any user intervention. (When the user is using their mobile ear.) And Join's offer is presented to him in the channel. If the user agrees to join the channel, he enters the channel directly and sees the last posts of the channel. In this way, the last posts will also get a high view. So before doing this, try to make the last posts of the channel the best content to keep the audience in the channel. Since in the method of attracting pop-up members, users voluntarily become members of your Telegram channel, membership loss is minimized.

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How to use pop-ups to increase Telegram members

All of you have probably encountered small windows when entering various sites while browsing the Internet. These windows are displayed immediately after you enter the sites and usually have advertising content. Are called pop-ups.

Pop-ups can contain all kinds of advertising links and users can click on them to enter the advertised pages. This method can be used in addition to advertising sites and their products, to promote a Telegram channel and increase Telegram members. Using this method is very simple, just register on the Sayan panel site. After registering, order the number of mobile pop-ups you want and wait for your members to enter your channel from all over the country.

What points to pay attention to in increasing the pop-up member?

In fact, when people are working with their phone, Telegram shows them your channel and they become members if they wish. You buy the number of your favorite members from different sales packages according to the amount of costs. And then the seller will take action. This method is only applicable to unofficial versions of Telegram such as Mobogram and Telegram و در At the time of attracting a member, the posting of the channel must be stopped. Once you get the number of members you want, your channel traffic will increase. The viewer may get bored of your channel content and leave it. Members recruited in this way may have a drop, but if useful and regular content is placed on your page, it will be highly appreciated.

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The difference between pop-ups and push notifications

In the pop-up method, with the permission given to the user's installed applications, the Telegram channel is returned directly to the user's device. But in the notification push, first the text or banner notification is displayed in the notifications section and then if the user clicks on the notification, it enters the relevant channel.

As a result, pop-up performance will be higher than notification push.

In the direct pop-up method of Telegram, there is no need for text and image of advertising and only the link link and channel ID are needed.

Advantages of buying a pop-up Telegram member

The most important advantage of this method is its higher productivity compared to other advertising methods to increase Telegram membership. In the following, we will become more familiar with the benefits of increasing the Telegram member through the pop-up method.

Increase real member

The people who become members of your channel are completely real and have entered your channel of their own free will. If your channel is related to your business and the channel members are actually your potential customers, their authenticity is very important. In this way, only real users and people who enter a site and have a real account in Telegram can enter your channel. While in many other advertising methods a large number of new members added are fake or unreal. This issue is very valuable in advertising strategies

High speed increase of Telegram member

There are a lot of daily visits to a reputable site. On the other hand, one can be sure that unlike advertisements on Telegram or Instagram channels, a very large percentage of daily visits to a site are related to real users. In this way, when you are using pop-ups, you have made ads related to increasing your Telegram membership available to a large number of people. In this way, you can reach the desired number of real new members in a short time. This means a high rate of increase in real telegram members through pop-ups.

When you purchase pop-up ads from a reputable site, your ads will be displayed at each visit to your site until the user closes the pop-up. In this way, all site visitors will surely see the advertisement related to increasing your Telegram membership. While in other advertising methods, people may simply pass your ad. This will increase the efficiency of your ad.

Low percentage of channel members drop

Usually after the pop-up member increases, a percentage of new users will drop. In some cases, even more than 70% of new users leave the channel. The type of advertising and audience attraction strategies will be effective in this regard. But in general, due to the type of increase in membership in pop-up ads, its drop percentage is usually less than 40%. The important thing is that people can voluntarily leave your channel and there is no obligation in this regard. So if the content of your channel is what you advertise and the content of the channel is useful and practical, the probability of users dropping will be less than 20%.

Increase views of channel posts

Since the audience enters your channel directly, the last posts will be viewed much more than the other posts. It is the best type of membership for store channels. Store channels only need to be visited in large volumes and the audience is encouraged to buy by viewing the products. So graphically spend enough time presenting your products.