What is a social media marketing panel?

What is a social media marketing panel?

SMM (Social Media Marketing Panel) is a website where people buy social media services such as:

1. Telegram members

2. Telegram Post View [Country Targeted]

3. Telegram Group Crypto Users

4. Telegram Post View [Country Targeted] 

5. Multiple Telegram Post View

6. Telegram 1 Post View 

7. Auto Telegram Post View [LAST Post] 

8. Auto Telegram Post View [Futures Post]

9. Auto Telegram Post View [No Limit Post] 

10. Telegram Auto Views [For Blocked channel by Telegram Because of P*o*r*n,Scam and etc]

11. Telegram Share Post

12. Auto Telegram Reactions

13. Targeted Telegram Members

14. Telegram Direct Message

15. Prepared Telegram Channel

16. Telegram Shares

17. Telegram Comments

18. Telegram Poll/Vote/Likes

19. Telegram Search Services

20. Telegram User Extractor

21. Telegram Target country Services : Russian, China, Indian, USA, Turkey, Arab, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan

 Facebook subscribers, Twitter followers, Instagram panel, YouTube subscribers, website traffic and more.

It gives you the opportunity to earn money by providing social media services or receiving cash by building programs in Fiverr, SEOclerks, Freelancer, Odesk, Elance and other free markets.

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that target social media networks and applications to promote brand awareness or promote specific products.

Do you need social media marketing or SMM?

The cost of social media marketing is higher than other digital marketing methods; So first you need to find out if you really need an SMM. Despite the large number of audiences on various social networks, not all businesses benefit from social media marketing, but they are successful in their business. You need to define your SMM expectation for your business first and then use it. In general, the following businesses need an SMM strategy And according to some of these expectations, you can get the most out of it, which includes the following:

* famous brands

* Products related to sports, health and beauty

* Products related to children

* Luxury goods

* Large online stores

* And those who want to invest a lot in advertising.

7 stages of presence and marketing

In the following, we will explain the steps of performing SMM. The first four steps are to be present in social networks and the last three steps are to implement marketing in these networks. You have to keep in mind that all these steps are interdependent. However, some businesses may not be present on social media, but they do want to advertise on those networks.

For example, the owner of a clothing brand may not have an Instagram account, but due to the high volume of users of this social platform, he intends to advertise and display his business on Instagram, thereby directing Instagram users to visit his website. Increase your website traffic. Or a game developer may not need a Telegram Reseller Panel for his users, but to use the game to promote the game, attract more Iranian audiences, and gain more installation through Telegram advertising, which is very popular with Iranians. The stages of presence and marketing in social networks can be summarized as follows:

1- Membership in social networks

Depending on the goals of your business, choose the platform you want and join it and open an account for your business. Before planning and implementing the strategy, first pay attention to the following points:

What is the purpose of being on social media?

What is required to join a social network?

Are your social networks optimized in terms of content, image, design, URL and؟?

Which network is right for you right now?

How is your profile compared to competitors' profiles?

2- Identifying the ideal customer

In this case, the more accurately you describe the end customer, the better. For example, if your target audience is parents living in Mashhad, it is a good goal, but if you can include more details such as age and income level as your selection criteria, it will help your business. If you choose the wrong target audience, marketing will fail. To make the right choice, first check the following criteria for people:



job title


Most used social networks

3- Specifying the position in the social network

 After creating an account on social networks, you should establish your presence on these networks in a way that indicates your intention of this presence and reflects your brand. To do this, consider your ideal customers. This strategy will fail if the purpose of appearing on social networks and publishing public posts is not specified randomly and aimlessly; Because people are always looking for people who specialize in a field, not people who work in public.

4- Creating and adjusting engaging content

Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it's time to start a project. Having information such as ideal customers and the purpose of their presence for these customers, creating relevant content seems easy.

Types of content on social networks



Blog posts

Company News


Books or eBooks


Content comes in many forms, but you need to use content that aligns with your target customers' ideal goals and skills. Considering quality, engaging and relevant content should be a priority. In order to determine the time, frequency and topics of posting each content, it is recommended that you create a content calendar and follow it. Always prioritize the quality of the content over the quantity.

5- Determining the key indicators of success

In order to realize the success of your presence, you need to define and measure factors. In addition to the success rate of the strategy, the impact of time and money spent on this strategy should also be measured. Some of the indicators that should be measured include the following:

Exchange rate

Time spent on web pages

(mention), mentioning the brand name

Total number of shares

number of visits

6- Investing in social media management tools

Most marketers use social media management tools to increase their profits. The use of these tools facilitates the use of these networks. One of the advantages of these tools is the possibility of scheduling the publication of posts. For proper performance, align your management tool with the content calendar you created in the previous step.


7- Following, analysis, optimization

Smm Panel can be said that this stage has the most important role in the success of businesses in social media. However, many marketers use trial and error that may not always lead to accurate results; But tracking the results, parsing and analyzing the data obtained, and making changes to optimize the results are the best possible solutions.

Keep in mind that social media marketing is not a constant and is constantly changing, and you need to keep up with these changes; So, create a strategy and continuously optimize it over time and get more information about your business and audience to get the best results.