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You dear ones can to prepare and buy the product increase subsets for Telegram Bots. You can easily get subscriptions from us at the cheapest possible price for all Telegram bots that need subsets to receive money or open options.

This product is a very special product that does not have many providers, but you, the members of Celer, can use our different service to subset your robot. You can use this product to create a subset for crypto bots or bitcoin bots. Of course, this product can be used for all Telegram Bots.

Telegram Bot Service Price:

Telegram Boy User – Real [20k] – $ 3 Per K

You Need Bots Services

“Register in SmmStone Panel and Submit Your Order”

The members and members that are subscribed are real because the account is fake and the robot cannot be bypassed with tricks, and the members are completely real, but after starting the robot, they will not have any activity in that bot.

If your robot is popular and well known, it may have already been subcategorized by us for other people. It is better to ask about the support of the site before buying. If you buy a subset and it is not possible to do so, the amount will be returned to the card number from which you bought, but if you buy a robot starter and need more options such as subscribing to the Telegram channel after the start, the amount will be refunded It is not possible.

You can also order the sub-category, the amount of sub-collection and the approximate time of receiving the sub-category in the order description.

Telegram bots are actually Telegram user accounts that operate through software and automatically. Each robot is a telegram user designed and operated for specific purposes. These robots have a level of artificial intelligence and with the help of which they perform their operations. They can do anything from training, playing music, searching, communicating and even sending commands to the IoT or the Internet of Things, creating single or multiplayer games, creating social services, creating peripherals, and connecting with other services are.

What is a telegram robot and how does it work?

If we look at them professionally, robots are special Telegram users who process messages through a platform called bot API and through requests sent through the HTTPS protocol .

 How do Telegram Bots work?

 Telegram bots are user accounts that do not require a phone number to work. These bots contain code that is executed on the server through a user interface, and in general, how these bots work is hidden from the user, and Telegram manages it on its own encrypted MTProto protocol .

In this way, the Telegram broker server controls all encrypted communications through a user interface based on the HTTPS protocol , which is the Bot API . To understand this mechanism requires a little knowledge of technical information on how to manage communications in Telegram and its innovative protocol, but in short, these robots are code that operates through a secure protocol connected to an intermediary server.

Robots have limited memory in the cloud , meaning that old messages are deleted from the main server after they are fully processed. When you add a bot to a group, it cannot receive all group messages unless it violates the Privacy Mode rules . 

Law Privacy Mode and Bots

Joining different groups is one of the most important tasks of robots and they perform other tasks such as news, search and the like. When you add a robot to a group, the question always arises as to how to make sure that the robot does not steal user information.

This question has led to the recent rumors about robots spying on Telegram. The answer is in the Privacy Mode mechanism . A robot coded and executed in Privacy mode will not receive all group messages but will receive messages that have the following features :

All messages that contain the robot name via the @ character .

The message that the robot answered messages Reply is .

This method prevents millions of additional processes that are enabled by default but can be disabled, in which case the robot reviews all the messages exchanged to exclude possible commands from them. Stretched and processed.

Robots and Telegram Security

If the Privacy Mode mechanism was disabled while the robot was being built, re-reading all messages by the robot does not mean spying. Only messages that are defined and meaningful to the robot are processed, and the robot does not understand all of your messages. As a result, even outside of Privacy Mode , a robot does not have much spying power on its own.

For two reasons, it is not possible for bots to collect private messages and make them available to the designer.

1. Limit memory of robots

 All processed messages will be cleared from the cloud storage on the server after a while , and Telegram claims that these messages will never remain on the server.

2- Even if information such as messages and phone numbers are collected, the robot designer does not have direct access to them, and all this information is transmitted to the intermediary server through the encrypted Telegram protocol, where it is processed and stored.

In any case, the security of this software will not be 100% and Man In the Middle attacks will be able to discover the password and steal all Telegram communications.

In addition, End To End encryption is only available in Secure Chat mode , and messaging normally does not have this feature by default. Telegram is not normally much different from regular messaging software unless Secure Chat is used .

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