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Buy Fake Telegram Users

Buy Fake Telegram Users

Buy Fake Telegram subscribers

Fake Telegram members or virtual members are actually the same unrealistic Telegram contacts who increase the number of members of your channel, but do not visit your channel and posts. In simpler language, these members do not exist at all and only have fake profiles. You need to buy a fake member when you start your channel so that you can give credit to your channel.

Telegram Fake Users Price:

Telegram Vote [ 0% Drop – Fast Speed] [150k]   – $ 0.39 per k

You Need Fake Telegram Users?

“Register in Panel and submit you order”

Is this service for channels or groups? This service can be done for the group as well as there is no channel and there is no limit to doing it

Why should we buy a Fake Subscribers?

At the beginning of creating the channel, the number of members is low and when the real member enters the channel, he does not trust the channel due to the low number of members, especially when the channel is a store. As a result, we suggest that you buy at least 2 fake members before doing anything so that the real member can trust the channel when it enters.

Why should we buy a member for our channel or group? Do you know any types of real and fake members? If you have a telegram channel, you are probably planning to start an online business. So the answer to the above question is clear; If you want to make money through your telegram channel, there must be people to see you and your service and become your customers in the next step. Today, online business and income through the Internet and cyberspace have become one of the main arms of businesses.

Internet or online business is practically the way to save many businesses and businesses, especially start-ups. Suppose you want to start a business and sell a product; What is the first step you need to take? Of course, finding the audience of this product and advertising it to this particular group. If you want to do traditional and old-fashioned ways of advertising and branding, what is your chances of success? You must know that distributing tracts in the streets no longer works!

Buy Telegram Fake Members

Types of Telegram members; Which is more suitable for the growth of the Telegram channel?

To buy a Telegram member, you can search for this phrase in Google and buy a member for your Telegram group or channel from reputable advertising companies. My Member site guarantees the sale of high-yield members with a 24-hour response. Do you want a real or virtual member? Ambiguities about these two types of members probably form in your mind.

Fake Telegram members: Do not expect a drop or an increase in traffic

Finally, it’s Fake turn! As you know, Fake members or offline members are members who are registered only using virtual numbers and there is no real person behind these members. The biggest advantage of this method compared to other methods is no shedding of purchased organs. But your posts and content are not seen by these fake people, so you should not expect an increase in traffic. In this case, if we are not going to increase sales or increase visits in this way; Why should we buy a fake member ?!

Fake Users FAQs:

What exactly is a fake members?

Unreal Telegram members just to increase the number of subscribers to your channel and to validate your channel

How is a fake member added?

These members are created by our team and we can add it to any group or channel

Is Fake a member safe for the channel or group?

This method is completely safe and has never been seen as a problem for a group or channel

How fast are the orders?

The speed is 2,000 channels per day for the channel and 50,000 members per day for the group

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